Design Academia - 国公立デザイン系大学会議

What is the Association of Design Departments and Schools in Japanese Public Universities?

To solve the diverse and complex issues of society that have been accumulated in the 20th century, design plays an important role. The role of design – identifying the needs, exploring the solutions from various perspectives, guiding towards concrete solutions, proposing and verifying, is recognized as an effective method in all stages of the creative process.

With the increasing social role and expectations on design, we believe as the center for education and research in design studies; we need to rebuild the concept and methodology of design. As a result, the Association of Design Departments and Schools in Japanese Public Universities was established to create a new domain of academic research through collaboration with design universities in Japan and other Asian countries.

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2020 Asia Digital Art Award FUKUOKA, Call for Competition

Asia Digital Art Award FUKUOKA, established in 2001 here in Kyushu, Japan, encourages the creation of digital contents that combine top-notch technology with Asian sensibility. The competition strives to spread the notion of “high-level artistic expression based on logical thinking” by recognizing digital contents creators who represent Asian culture. This world-class Media Art competition serves to encourage the digital contents industry of Japan as well as realizing the potential of authentic digital media throughout Asia. All of us at Asia Digital Art Award FUKUOKA are looking forward to meeting Asia’s next generation of creators.   【2020 Asia Digital Art Award Guidelines for Application】 Categories ○General Category:For those who aim for […]

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SDGs Design International Awards 2020, Call for Competition

We are calling for ‘design’ that can save the world, from students all over the world who are interested in design. The SDGs Design International Awards will be held again this year to show good solutions to the world.We are soliciting creative ideas to solve social issues from students all over the world. There are things we can contribute to solving social issues! We are waiting for applications from the younger generation who are trying to solve complex social problems. Theme “Overcoming the pandemic, Design for evolution” Innovation is needed to overcome a pandemic that poses a crisis to the world. We are looking for innovative ideas to evolve future […]

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Fusion of Various Design Areas and Advanced Engineering Areas

The Department of Industrial Art was established in 2006, as a course within the Faculty of System Design at Tokyo Metropolitan University. Currently, the Industrial Art Department consists of two cores, Media Art and Product Design (Media Creation field and Product Design field in the graduate school). We aim to integrate art, design and engineering. In this department, students will acquire the ability to find and solve problems from a multidisciplinary perspective for issues unique to Tokyo. Two special features are “12 design studios” and “collaboration with advanced engineering fields”. 12 Design Areas In this department, there are six studios under the Product Design core – Equipment and Service Design, […]

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Design Education on Local Issues

We want to introduce the “Onomichi Regional Issues + Regional Revitalization Project”, which is one of the challenges of Design Practice II of the university design course, as it represents the characteristics of Faculty of Art and Culture, Department of Art and Design.  We will share our experiences on the project content, project brief and process, end results, educational perspectives and our assessments of students. “Onomichi Regional Issues + Regional Revitalization Project” started in 2003 as an industry-academia collaboration project between the Department of Fine Arts Design Course of the Faculty of Arts and Culture and the Onomichi branch of the Hiroshima Small and Medium Enterprises Association. All the third-year […]

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