Design Academia - 国公立デザイン系大学会議

The Succession and Development of Art and Craft and the Promotion of Local Culture and Industry

Kanazawa College of Art was founded in 1946, amidst post-war confusion and desperation. It has inherited and developed arts and crafts with the enthusiasm of Kanazawa citizens who loved learning, loved traditions, and sought to contribute to the peace of humankind and aims to promote local culture and industry. In 1955, it was approved as a four-year university to engage in unique education and academic research in the field of arts, crafts, and design. Since then, the university has produced many living national treasures and first-line creators and has supported the development of culture and the arts at home and abroad.

In 2023, the university will be moving to a new campus, which will have spaces such as the Art Promenade, Art Commons, and Garden of Creativity, to stimulate students’ creativity. We also hope to disseminate the university’s activities to a wider audience.


University Organization Chart


Road side view


Art Promenade


Art Commons


Creative Garden