Design Academia - 国公立デザイン系大学会議

Acquire the Ability to Design for the Modern World

Shizuoka University of Art and Culture is a public university consisting of two faculties and two graduate schools: The Faculty of Cultural Policy and Management and the Faculty of Design, and the Graduate School of Cultural Policy and Management and the Graduate School of Design. It was opened in 2000 as a private university with “Public-Private System” in collaboration with the local industry. At the time of its opening, the university consisted of three departments in the School of Cultural Policy and three departments in the School of Design, to develop human resources who can respond to the demands of the times and being open to the region, the world, and generations.

In April 2010, the university transitioned from a private university to a public university established by Shizuoka Prefecture. In April 2015, the three departments of the Faculty of Design were reorganized into one department of design, with five new areas established – Design Philosophy, Product Design, Audio and Visual Communications, Architecture and Landscape, and Interaction Design. In April 2019, the Takumi Design was established. Hence, the department has six areas currently.

In the Department of Design, from the first year to the first semester of the second year, students learn a wide range of elements necessary for all designers, including the current state of design, history, techniques, and characteristics of materials. Then they can select a specialized field from the six areas to deepen their knowledge. The six areas are the main pillars of specialization of the broad design world. Even after selecting an area of study, students can create works and research that integrate with other areas of study. It is an educational system that allows students to acquire design ability for living in modern society without limiting the scope of their thinking (Figure 1).


Figure 1: Educational System of the School of Design