Design Academia - 国公立デザイン系大学会議

Small-Group Art Education Through the Seto Inland Sea Areas

The Department of Art and Design at Onomichi City University is a relatively small art university with about 50 students in Year 1 and 15 faculty members, and 3 assistants in each course. There are three courses: Japanese painting, Oil painting, and Design, and students in each course can receive highly specialized guidance from faculty members.

One of the features of our department’s art education is that all Year 1 students experience all the three courses of practical training in the first year through the basic modeling subjects to cultivate basic modeling skills. Students will select the course in the Year 2 based on their experience and aptitude. Compared to other universities’ art departments, the barriers between the courses are lower, making it easier for students as well as instructors to communicate with each other, regardless of course boundaries. Through such a course system, students are able to deepen their specialized knowledge and skills, understanding of art and culture in general, and gain a broader perspective while respecting the rich sensitivity and individuality of each student. The educational philosophy of the Department of Art and Design is to foster human resources who will be able to continuously engage in art as writers, designers, art teachers, and curators through opportunities for friendly competition among students.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of the university located in Onomichi, a historic commercial city, we are actively involved in the development of the local economy. The issues are set based on themes related to the community, such as proposing renovations and effective use of vacant houses in the commercial district and presentations are done outside the university. In addition, through industry-academic-government collaboration, we are working to give back to society through student initiatives and creating motivation and opportunities for realizing solutions throughout the university.


Department of Art and Design Course Structure


Year 2 Graduate School Project of the Japanese Painting Course (Museum of Onomichi City University)


Year 2 Graduate School Off-Campus Exhibition of the Oil Painting Course (Fukuyama Castle Tsukimi Tower)


Year 3 Off-Campus Exhibition of the Design Course (Regional Revitalization Issues)