Design Academia - 国公立デザイン系大学会議

Campus Life Creation Month for New Coronavirus Response

The Faculty of Design, Sapporo City University has set up a new coronavirus-response campus life creation month (June 29 – July 31) so that students can safely spend time on campus for face-to-face classes, which have partially resumed in the latter half of the first semester. When students resumed school, the School of Design announced a strict principle: “No private conversations! Although it was not mandatory, it was a message from the Faculty of Design to encourage students to be very careful in their resumed university life.

On the other hand, we also want student to enjoy this kind of life as creators, so we decided to hold a design competition, “Design for ‘Living,'” for student to practice while acting out a “no-speaking” policy. We have set the following four themes for the competition.

Theme 1: Propose practical means for dialogue without speaking on campus

Theme 2: Propose practical tools to prevent splashing

Theme 3: Propose practical tools for living without touching ‘things’ as much as possible on campus.

Theme 4: Propose practical measures to maintain social distance with friends

With support from the supporters’ association, we offered a total of 100,000 yen in cash prizes (living expenses) and invited proposals. We received many applications, and the winners were “Proposal for a Contactless Elevator Operation Method” (New Era Exploration Award that makes full use of technology), “Visible! Social Distance T-shirt” (New Fashion Award for psychological effects). The second round of this design competition will be held in September and is being developed as an educational activity for the start of the second semester.

Infection prevention is only effective if it advocates strict restrictions. The Faculty of Design at Sapporo City University is looking for ways to nurture students’ creativity in a constrained daily life.


Practical classes resumed in the indoor open space.