Design Academia - 国公立デザイン系大学会議

Design Education Focusing on Knowledge and Skill

This department was newly established in 2016, and its predecessor is a Special Art Department established for the training of Arts and Crafts teachers with a history of more than 60 years. The department comprised of two courses: Fine Arts and Regional Design. There are design teachers in both courses. In the 1st year, there are compulsory subjects such as the fundamental theories and practice of design, information design skills using digital tools. From the 2nd year, students can choose any of the four specialized fields classified according to the field of the teachers.


Visual Communication Design

We aim to develop students with a true design mind through mastering practical skills and knowledge that can accurately convey useful content with high functionality and aesthetics. To achieve that, planning, information selection, editing, media knowledge, communication, discussion, presentation, etc. are indispensable. At the same time, sociality, objectivity, rationality, cultured, execution ability, persuasive power, modeling ability, and aesthetics are also required.

Projects with the region and design serving as the principal axes


Visual Media Design

While learning new visual expressions that design visual language, theory, time and space, in the class, it is essential not only to acquire skills but also to promote understanding of visual works that seek self-expression and give perspectives. Through such education, we train specialists who practice innovative visual expressions, such as interactive viewing on the Web, and three-dimensional projection methods such as photography, movies, animation, and CG.

Studio photography workshop


Information Design

Media is a means of communication that require knowledge and expression techniques to handle information. To effectively transmits information to the target audience according to the planned theme, it is necessary to organize and edit the large amount of data generated in this modern society. We aim to enrich people’s lives by creating plans and works that solve social issues across many media, from books-like items to smartphones and other information terminals to events such as workshops.

Digital design seminar

Content Design

We aim to create creative works that make the most of the characteristics of the media by cultivating the ability to think flexibly across expression forms and the analytical ability to logically construct them regardless of the expression medium and technique. Therefore, what is needed is the editing power that allows the selection of the best media, format, and technique. We will develop students who can contribute to culture and industry through developing more flexible and cutting-edge ideas from the viewpoint of designing human perception, not just designing visuals of things.

Editing video composition workshop


Our design education is based on visual communication, information and visual media subjects, to develop skills and senses, the ability to devise, plan, and conceive designs that connects people and person to objects.

For the key features of the curriculum, there are the first-year compulsory subject “Art Expression Fundamentals (Design)” where students learn the basic elements of visual design and video design through group work across courses and walking around the city as field design. The fundamental subject also includes social design elements that discover and propose issues. The third-year compulsory subject “Regional Revitalization Fieldwork” where the group once again work across courses, and in cooperation with the local community for over a year, to develop the design concept.

Also, we are conducting joint research with local companies, focusing on the region and design. The faculty has the facilities for content development and to hold service design workshops as it was equipped with video studios and fabrication equipment when it was first established.

Lighting design project collaborated with Saga Prefecture