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Towards the Interdisciplinary of "Design Engineering" and "Media Engineering"

At Iwate University’s Graduate School, for Design and Media Technology (Master’s Course, Doctor`s Major), students can study design technology and media technology. In design technology, students learn about the environment, products and content, while in media technology, research is conducted on the basic technologies that support design. The aim is to create a deeper learning and research environment by approaching specialized fields from both media technology and design technology. At the same time, groups of students from different fields, including international students, engage in problem-solving projects to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge, mutual communication skills, communication skills through group learning. We aim to develop human resources who can play an active role […]

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Aim: The Intersection of "Design Engineering" and "Media Engineering"

The Division of Design and Media Technology was established in 2009. It started from the master’s program and the doctoral program at the time of establishment. Currently, after the undergraduate reorganization in 2016 and the graduate school reorganization (master’s course) in 2018, the Graduate School of Science and Engineering (doctoral course) started in 2019. All the master programs belong to one graduate school. At this university, four majors are established in the Graduate School of Science (Master’s Program), and each major has a course. For the doctoral program, three majors have been established at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, one of which is the design and media technology […]

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