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Thinking about Design on the Southern Island

At first glance, Okinawa’s location, the most remote from the center of Japan, may seem disadvantageous as an environment for studying design. However, we consider our unique subtropical climate, the only one of its kind in Japan, to be a geographical advantage and actively conduct research to find clues to solving social problems. For example, while learning the basics and applications of design extensively, we may include materials rooted in the local community as part of the curriculum to develop human resources to contribute to the local community. The “Design Planning” and “Development of Local Specialties” at the end of the second year are one such initiative. The students research […]

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The 3rd Association of Design Departments and Schools in Japanese Public Universities Conference

The Association of Design Departments and Schools in Japanese Public Universities Conference gathers 22 public universities with design-related faculties and departments. On this day, 17 of these universities gathered for the third symposium, which was held online. In 2021, the pandemic that began the previous year had not been resolved, and the state and methods of education at universities continue to be questioned. Under the overall theme of “New Normal: New Relationship between Society and Design”, case studies from each university were shared, and a lively Q&A session was held under the sub-theme of “Student”, “Region”, and “International”. In the first half of the session, the three universities shared their […]

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Think about Design on the South Island

The Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, established in 1986, is the southernmost public art university in Japan, headquartered in Shuri, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. There are two faculties – Music and, Art and Craft (including Bachelor, Master and Doctoral program), and a Research Institute that consists of three departments. At the Faculty of Arts and Crafts and the Graduate School of Formative Art, you will learn painting, sculpture, art studies, design, and crafts (weaving, dyeing, ceramics, lacquering). The design major takes pride in the unique culture of Okinawa Prefecture, located at the southern end of Japan. We aim to nurture individuals who can understand the current issues of design, skilled […]

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