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GEIBUN is in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture.At GEIBUN, we would like to see the problems in the region as the teaching tools, create “Monogatari”, which means finding values not only in things but also in experiences, with local residents, and share it with the world.
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Towards Fully Integrated Education Freed from the Course System

For the reasons mentioned in the previous section, the School of Art and Design at the University of Toyama has long been experimenting with integrated education to cross various educational fields related to art and culture by designing a system that facilitates the participation of students with different backgrounds, enriching core subjects commonly required for specialized fields, and a system in which students can choose a supervisor from all the faculty members for graduation research and production. However, it could not be denied that the course system, which is a typical (i.e., normal) university education system, and the sense of mutual non-interference in other specialized fields that the system inevitably […]

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Considering "Art and Culture": A New Design Field

In the inevitability of art history and industrial/technology history, the art field has been divided into many fields such as architecture, painting, sculpture, craft, and industrial design. It can be said that the role of (industrial) design in the 20th century was to “present new aesthetics in a capitalist society”. However, the rapid industrial innovation and social transformation that originated in ICT in recent years are expelling the old concept and demanding new adaptation not only for people’s lives but also for the value of life. The role of design that is required in the future is to “present new humanity in the next era”, but it is difficult to […]

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