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Features of Akita University of Art (Faculty of Art, Department of Art)

At Akita University of Art, students take on the creation of new artistic fields unbound by preexisting concepts, in response to the needs of the modern world. We pursue the potential and commonality of art by taking advantage of the cultural resources of Akita, a land blessed by nature and rich traditions, to foster talented individuals who use their artistic sensibilities and creativity to make a difference in Japanese and global society. The entrance examination is comprehensive, not specialized according to desired major. Upon admission, students examine basic concepts of quality, perspective, ideas, research, thought processes and communication, creating a foundation for more specialized study under instructors who work on […]

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SDGs Design International Awards 2019 "Final Presentation and Award Ceremony" Part 2

The results have finally been announced (click here for the previous part). After the presentation, Professor Yasuyuki Hirai of Kyushu University, Faculty of Design, gave a comment on each work and a general comment on this award. In addition, the comments of the three groups who were interviewed at the venue on that day will also be posted. Grand Prize: Extended Island Zhejiang A&F University Tang Zhongyu, Zheng Qingqing, Xu Mengting, Zhang Qing and Miao Wenqi Review The floating mass system, which uses seaweed cultivation, creates a sea forest in the intertidal zone and the coast to restore the ecosystem, is convincing and highly evaluated. It is also wonderful that […]

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New Design Education Starting in 2020

Kyushu University School of Design was formed in 2003 when Kyushu Institute of Design merged with Kyushu University. The institute was established in 1968 with four departments, namely Environmental Design, Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, and Acoustic Design. In 1997, the department of Art and Information Design was established as the fifth department. Since the establishment, there have been numerous social issues involving a change in values, such as declining birth rate and aging population, global environmental problems, and the sustainability of economic activities. As such, it is necessary to reexamine design education, given that the design field is expanding due to the present issues. Currently, the field of design […]

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