Design Academia - 国公立デザイン系大学会議

Responding to the Challenges of an Increasingly Diverse and Sophisticated Social Issues by Creating Next-Generation Innovations

In April 2021, Chiba University’s Design Course celebrated the 100th anniversary of founding the Tokyo Higher School of Technology in 1921. We launched a new department to respond to increasingly diverse and sophisticated social issues by creating next-generation innovations with this opportunity. This new department is the Design Research Institute (dri), which was established by the faculty members in the Department of Design belonging to the Graduate School of Engineering.

Furthermore, at the same time as the establishment of dri, the “Chiba University Sumida Satellite Campus” was opened in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, a manufacturing city, with the concept of simulating all aspects of life with the entire building as a demonstration space.

In the curriculum of the design course, the faculty members of dri will not only teach theories and techniques but also conduct numerous design practices, both real and virtual, utilizing the Sumida Satellite Campus. In this way, based on co-creation with other disciplines such as architecture, imaging science, landscape studies and preventive medicine, in addition to conventional design, we will develop cross-disciplinary design education and research through the enhancement of practical classes, full-scale prototyping, and the practice of solving social issues. The program cultivates humanistic and artistic design skills backed by science and technology.

Sumida Satellite Campus


“Design Exhibition 2021” held at the Sumida Satellite Campus


Design workshops and exhibitions in collaboration with ENSCI Les Ateliers