Design Academia - 国公立デザイン系大学会議

How do We adapt Technology into Human Life?

Kyushu University’s School of Design was founded in 1968 as Japan’s first Institute of Design to offer education and research in the field of design. The institute started with four departments (Environmental Design, Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, and Acoustic Design). In 1997, the number of departments increased to five with the establishment of the Department of Art and Information Design. Then, in 2003, the institution integrated with Kyushu University. From 2020, the school has only one department, Department of Design, with five courses and a flexible curriculum that allows students to study based on their interests.

The School of Design aims to train students to become designers who possess scientific knowledge of engineering and technology, a deep insight into human and society, and a creative artistic sense. The philosophy of the School of Design has been “Humanization of Technology” since its predecessor, Kyushu Institute of Design, and we have been educating students on how to adapt technology to human life.

Today, the situation surrounding design and design are evolving each day, considering advances in information technology and the formation of new cultures brought about by it, innovations in production and distribution, diversification of lifestyles, and global environmental issues. As the subject of design expands from “products” to “system” to “visions,” the School of Design trains students to become highly creative individuals with a broad perspective and academic knowledge, who can respond appropriately to such circumstances and who can be accepted internationally.


School of Design  Department of Design  Consists of 5 Courses


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